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Index Entry Section

.B.2 Command Language
.qexitrcB.3 Setting up your Environment
.qinitrcB.3 Setting up your Environment

@7.8 Rule Priorities

\"3. Lexical Matters
\06.1 Constants and Variables
\\3. Lexical Matters
\b3. Lexical Matters
\f3. Lexical Matters
\n3. Lexical Matters
\r3. Lexical Matters
\t3. Lexical Matters

_7.1 Equations
_B.2 Command Language

abs11.1 Standard Functions
abs11.12 Complex Numbers
abstract data type (ADT)8.1 Using Type Guards
abstract type7.5 Type Guards
abstract type8.3 Sub- and Supertypes
accept12.11 Sockets
access12.6 File and Directory Functions
acos11.11 Mathematical Functions
acosh11.11 Mathematical Functions
active12.12.1 Thread Creation and Management
active rules7.9 Performing Reductions on a Stack
all11.1 Standard Functions
and6.4.4 Logical and Bit Operators
anonymous variable7.1 Equations
anonymous variableB.2 Command Language
any11.1 Standard Functions
append11.1 Standard Functions
append11.6.1 Arrays
append12.18 C Replacements for Common Standard Library Functions
applicable equation7.6 Normal Forms and Reduction Strategy
application6.2 Applications
applicative order evaluation7.6 Normal Forms and Reduction Strategy
apply11.1 Standard Functions
arc11.13.3 Path Construction
arct11.13.3 Path Construction
arg11.12 Complex Numbers
ARGSB.2 Command Language
argument6.2 Applications
argument list5. Declarations
arithmetic operators6.4.2 Arithmetic Operators
arity5. Declarations
Array11.6.1 Arrays
array11.6.1 Arrays
array.q11.6.1 Arrays
array211.6.1 Arrays
arrays11.6.1 Arrays
as4. Scripts and Modules
asctime12.14 Time Functions
asin11.11 Mathematical Functions
asinh11.11 Mathematical Functions
assert11.14 Diagnostics and Error Messages
assert11.14 Diagnostics and Error Messages
assert.q11.14 Diagnostics and Error Messages
assertions11.14 Diagnostics and Error Messages
associative arrays11.6.6 Hashed Dictionaries
atan10.2 Numeric Functions
atan210.2 Numeric Functions
atanh11.11 Mathematical Functions
AVL tree8.3 Sub- and Supertypes
await12.12.4 Conditions

bag11.6.4 Bags
Bag11.6.4 Bags
bag.q11.6.4 Bags
bags11.6.4 Bags
basic expressions6. Expressions
batch modeOptions for Interactive and Batch Usage
bcat12.3 Byte Strings
bcmp12.3 Byte Strings
bfloat12.3 Byte Strings
binary search tree8.1 Using Type Guards
bind12.11 Sockets
binding clause11.8 List Comprehensions
bint12.3 Byte Strings
bit operations6.4.4 Logical and Bit Operators
bit operations10.1 Arithmetic Functions
bit shift functions10.1 Arithmetic Functions
bitsets10.1 Arithmetic Functions
bitwise logical operators6.4.4 Logical and Bit Operators
Bool8.2 Built-In and Enumeration Types
bound variable7.1 Equations
bound variable7.3 Free Variables
bounded_sem12.12.5 Semaphores
bounding box (EPSF)11.13.8 DSC and EPSF Comments
bread12.8 Low-Level I/O
break10.6 Exception Handling
breakpoint10.6 Exception Handling
broadcast12.12.4 Conditions
bsize12.3 Byte Strings
bstr12.3 Byte Strings
bsub12.3 Byte Strings
built-in constants6.1 Constants and Variables
built-in equations7.6 Normal Forms and Reduction Strategy
built-in special forms9.3 Built-In Special Forms
built-in types8.2 Built-In and Enumeration Types
bwrite12.8 Low-Level I/O
byte12.3 Byte Strings
byte orderExamples
bytecodeB. Using Q
bytecode file4. Scripts and Modules
bytes12.3 Byte Strings
ByteStr12.3 Byte Strings
bytestr12.3 Byte Strings

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